Sennheiser täyttää 75 vuotta kesäkuussa

Helsinki, Finland /Wedemark, June 2020 – This month marks the 75th anniversary of the foundation of Sennheiser in June 1945. Throughout the year, the audio specialist brings the life and history of the company to life through a collection of 75 moments from the Sennheiser Crew – revealing personal stories behind the innovations, unique sound experiences, and a glimpse at the history of the company’s founder. While the coronavirus pandemic has meant that the anniversary year is unfolding differently to planned, Sennheiser is still telling the stories and creating sound experiences for their customers.

The Future of Audio, since 1945

It is 75 years since Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser founded the “start-up” that would become Sennheiser in a farmhouse near Hanover. Today, the company he created is still driven by the same passion for sound and spirit of discovery.

A university lecturer turned entrepreneur by the necessities of post-war reconstruction, Fritz Sennheiser founded a small company known as “Laboratory Wennebostel” to build audio equipment to help reform the destroyed infrastructure and aid communication. After initially making vacuum-tube voltmeter and measuring devices, the company received an order in the summer of 1945 to build microphones. The rest, as they say, is history: Fritz Sennheiser’s company would go on to innovate numerous audio products and eventually become the globally successful brand that bears his name still today.


This is Your Crew

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Even though the celebrations cannot take place as planned, Sennheiser is sharing 75 stories to provide a unique insight to the world of Sennheiser: Together they show what has brought Sennheiser this far: it’s people who share the same passion for music and always strive for the best possible audio experience. Hence the anniversary’s motto “This is Your Crew” puts the team, partners and customers at the heart of the celebrations by telling their stories. One of them is Sennheiser’s Curator of Heritage Archives’  telling how one day she found the oldest available document in the Sennheiser basement providing information about the founding of the company.

Available on the Sennheiser anniversary website – – this multimedia collection of stories from employees, customers, friends and fans exemplifies what makes Sennheiser so special: all are united by the same passion. This is why it’s not surprising that, in the age of the home office, members of the Sennheiser crew from around the world have added pictures to the company’s birthday website showing themselves working from home to stay connected.


Discover the special edition HD 25

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In its birthday month June, Sennheiser is offering one of its most iconic products – the legendary HD 25 monitoring and DJ headphones at a special price of only EUR 99 (MSRP) / USD 99.95 (MAP) instead of EUR 149 (MSRP) / USD 149.95 (MAP). As an added bonus, anyone ordering the HD 25 in June has a chance of receiving one of 25,000 limited-edition versions of the headphones paired with the well-known yellow earpads.

Maik Robbe Communications Manager UK & Nordics, Sennheiser



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Tietoja yrityksestä Sennheiser Nordic A/S Finland

Vuonna 1945 perustettu Sennheiser juhlii 75-vuotispäiväänsä tänä vuonna. Kaikkialla maailmassa Sennheiserin työntekijöiden ja kumppaneiden yhteinen tavoite on muotoilla tulevaisuuden ääntä ja tarjota ainutlaatuisia äänikokemuksia asiakkailleen. Itsenäinen perheyritys, jonka johdossa ovat yrityksen kolmatta sukupolvea edustavat Dr. Andreas Sennheiser ja Daniel Sennheiser, on tänään yksi maailman johtavista kuulokkeiden, kaiuttimien, mikrofonien ja langattomien äänensiirtojärjestelmien valmistajista. Vuonna 2018 Sennheiser-konsernin liikevaihto oli 710,7 miljoonaa euroa.



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